Guiding Students

We guide students through their IGCSE Art and Design, AS and A Level Art and Design, IB Visual Art, NIOS. Help them understand the curriculum, the assessment criteria, importance of quality work and presentation.

AS Level Art and Design Student work – Combining fish forms with everyday objects

Portfolio Development

Students applying to colleges in India and Abroad need to create a strong portfolio of work that include a wide variety of experimentation in different artistic processes, explore various concepts and ideas, analyse art movements and work of great masters and designers. This process takes place over a period of time and the student needs to invest a lot of time and energy to produce quality work.

Student work exploring Oil Pastels – Observational Drawing

Artist Teacher Mentoring

An important aspect of Art Education that is often neglected. Professional Development for Artist Teachers form an integral part of the education process. Schools and other organisations can connect with us to conduct workshops for their art teachers in the Middle and High School section. Individual art teachers are welcome to get in touch with us to have one-on-one sessions to better understand the art teaching process, ideas to creatively engage your students, classroom management, explore various artistic processes and how to introduce them in your class and support with your lesson plans, assessments and evaluation.

Lino cut Printing using Stamp Pad Ink

Art and Design Workshops

Workshops for Middle and High school students will be curated according to the needs of the students, keeping in mind the nature of the workshop and the time frame involved.

Student exploring Positive and Negative Space using Charcoal and Observational drawing